Friday, February 29, 2008

It's true, and I'm sorry, but February IS a short month you know.

Blair's done me a great service in outing me; I was still working up the courage to give you all my humblest apologies. No, I didn't read the book, not because I didn't want to, but because I was going to borrow a copy. Obviously that didn't work out, so I should have probably bought the book sooner than, oh, yesterday. But I am reading speedily! And I remain forever committed to FTC! And you guys can be mean to me?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fear not!

Blair, I read it too. I think we can be best friends now.

I've been thinking about what I want my post to look like. I'll definitely write something soon. Especially if you write something first and give me something to respond to!

Book v. Book, or March Madness for Nerds

This isn't related to the Finest Things Club per se, but it is awesome nonetheless: Tournament of Books. As you will see, this website, the Morning News (also recommended), has created a NCAA-ish bracket situation, except with books! They have guest judges who read two books, pick a winner, and send a book on to the next round. Arbitrary book competitions are the best. I have heard of only 7 of these books and read none, but I'm still excited for the battle.

Speaking of not reading books, am I the only one who has finished Under the Jaguar Sun? I'll be posting about it soon, but I have a sinking feeling that no one else has read it (including the FTC's own creator! You are outed, Stephanie!). February is going to be over soon! Good thing it's a Leap Year; you have one more day!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friday, February 1, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen,
The first six fateful books have been chosen for our first six fateful months -- by a higher power. (My computer, if you were wondering, running this randomizer program I got off the Internet:

They are as follows:

1. Under the Jaguar Sun

2. The Satanic Verses

3. Slaughterhouse-Five

4. In Cold BloodVETO (T): NOW:Persepolis

5. Wuthering HeightsVETO (K): NOW: Jitterbug Perfume

6. Decline and Fall

If you would like to use your veto on any one of these works, please do so now in the comments. If you veto a book, it is off the list (so you better mean it), and another will be randomly selected to fill its spot -- and that selection,too, can be vetoed. We veto/pick until everyone has used their vetoes or doesn't want to. You have 24 hours to speak up.

My Book Choices--finally!

My sincerest apology for delaying our exciting book choosing shindig. I have never blogged before so everything associated with club is new and exciting!

A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

A Passage to India By E.M. Forster

One Hundred Years of Solitude By Gabriel Garcia Marquez